The End!

Thank you for reading!

All chapters have now been posted and will remain up until August 13, when they’ll be removed for editing. The ebook and paperback versions will be released May 4, with audio expected around the same time.

If you have editorial comments, we will be accepting notes. Please do not post them here! All online comments have already been compiled. To add your own, please send them to before August 13. Thanks!

32 thoughts on “The End!”

  1. Debbie Hunt says:

    I hope that this little excursion into writing serial chapters has worked well for you. There are so many of us who looked forward to the escape provided by the efforts you made into creating a very masterful story. Please continue with the story line with serial chapters. The suspense is part of the thrill. I will buy this book as a finished version – if for no other reason to see how you fine tune it. thank you!!

  2. Lianne Ayrton says:

    Loved this book! Thank you for letting us read while you were creating it! I hope this turns into a series.

  3. I loved it. I hope you write more for Kennedy and Aiden. I will still have to buy it when it comes out for my sister. She didn’t read it online.

  4. Julia Zsiga-Thynne says:

    I’m already awaiting the next book!!!

  5. I waited till the end to read it all in -almost- one sitting! I followed Wolf’s Bane on Radish and confirmed I’m not great at waiting

    I wouldn’t really be original in saying that, given everything that’s going on, I really needed one of your books but I did. That’s what makes me adore the worlds you create, I dive right in and dont come up for breath until I’m done and had my fix of a much needed escape…

    So thank you, thank you, thank you and please never stop writing!

    PS: Forgot to say that I’m definitely hoping this is the start of a new series!

  6. Angelica Maria Serna Campuzano says:

    Loved the book, and loving even more how you moved it from standalone to serial books, very exciting!

  7. Loved this book! Thanks so much for writing it! Can’t wait to read it again in the spring.

  8. Thank you so much! Looking forward to purchasing the book 🙂

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It is amazing and I cannot wait to reread the fine tuned version! I “saved” chapters until I had a good bank of them and then read them with glee. You’re very generous with your work and I don’t usually leave comments but wanted you to know how appreciative I am. No pressure but I’m excited for the second book in this series too.

  10. Deborah Dean says:

    Kelley, I really enjoyed this book! I am so looking forward to additional books in this new series. I liked the way that you did not automatically make Kennedy and Aiden a couple. They both strike me as someone that takes their time for things to develop.

  11. I’ve had so much fun reading along with this!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us, I thoroughly enjoyed it! And I loved the ending. I agree with Kennedy, it’s cliche when strangers end up together after only a couple days. I hope to see future installments where they can develop their relationship in a realistic span of time. 🙂

  12. Thank you for your generosity. I’ve heard writing serials is a lot harder, and I appreciate you doing this for us!

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