Cainsville Files (interactive story)
Penguin • Game App • 2013

Cainsville Files (interactive story)

In this all-new, original interactive story, it’s up to you to explore the secretive town of Cainsville, gain the trust of its mysterious residents, dodge dangers both real and otherwordly, embark on a romance, and in the end, find justice.

Cainsville Files features Jenn McCoy, a struggling private investigator who finds herself searching for her missing high-school sweetheart—possibly a victim of the notorious Valentine Killer. Your choices will either help Jenn solve the case—or doom her to a number of memorably gruesome fates.

 This fully illustrated interactive story is written by Kelley Armstrong and introduces the world of Cainsville.

–  Features hundreds of choices and numerous, memorable endings—both good and bad

–  Fully illustrated by Julie Dillon, World Fantasy and Hugo Award nominee for Best Professional Artist

–  Features a complete audio experience of music and sound effects


Okay, so that’s the publisher’s official description. I’ll add a little more explanation here. This is a choose-your-own-adventure style mystery app for iPod/iPhone/iPad. It’s a prequel to Omens, set at the time of Olivia’s parents’ alleged killing spree. It introduces Cainsville and includes characters from Omens–various Cainsville residents, Rose, the Larsens, a very young Gabriel, and an even younger Eden (Olivia.) Both the book and the game stand independently–no need to play the game to understand the book or vice-versa.

I wrote the full script for the app and designed all the game play.