Not surprisingly, in light of the COVID-19 situation, all my in-person events have been cancelled.

June 4. 8 PM Eastern. Talking with Melissa Marr about her new middle-grade novel, The Hidden Knife. Online via Changing Hands bookstore. Link to follow.

July 14. 6 PM Eastern. Talking with Jeaniene Frost & Melissa Marr about our new anthology, Hex on the Beach. Online via Murder by the Book. Details here.

In-Person Events

After a year without in-person events, I’ve come to realize it’s time (past time, really) for me to throttle my travel schedule. I’ve been doing multiple events a month for the past fifteen years, and as much as I’ve loved it, it’s really time to slow down. I have a busy professional schedule (all good!) and a lot of things happening in my personal life (also all good!) and that’s where I want to focus. Expect to see a very quiet appearance schedule from me, at least for a few years.

Virtual Events

The pandemic has also shown me just how ill-equipped I am for virtual events. Blame my lousy internet connection. My home is in a rural area with only one viable provider, which tops out at 5 mbps. That’s not video-chat friendly. My summer place is worse, off-the-grid with only my phone data for internet (wonderful for relaxation; impossible for virtual events) You’ll see me doing a few of these, but I keep them few and far between to avoid disappointing organizers with an unstable internet connection.