For anything business related, email my assistant, Alison, at: She’ll make sure it gets to my attention promptly.

For information on rights (domestic, foreign, multimedia etc), please contact my agent, Lucienne Diver, at The Knight Agency.

Reader Mail

I love to hear reader comments! You can contact me through: Alison will let you know that she’s received your e-mail and passed it on to me. Will I respond personally? For ten years I answered every single e-mail. But after a few years of falling ever further behind as the volume increased exponentially, I finally reached the point where–with great regret–I had to say no, you probably won’t get a personal response. I’ll read your message, and I’ll appreciate it very much, but the most efficient way for me to say “Thanks!” to all readers is through contests and swag giveaways.

Snail Mail

Please do not send anything to my mailing address. Also, sending anything care of my publisher can take a very, very long time to be forwarded along and still often doesn’t arrive. Please use e-mail!

School Projects & Photographs

I will help with interview projects, to a maximum of 5 questions with 2 weeks notice. Please do not send these by snail mail (see above.) Please do not request autographs or photographs.

Reader Questions

Check the FAQ page. If your answer isn’t there, please send your question to Alison at

Sending Me Your Art/Videos/Writing/Story Idea

I love to see reader art and videos, and if you have any, please send them to As much as I would love to see readers’ fiction, poetry and story ideas, I’m not allowed to (Alison isn’t even allowed to pass them over to me!)

Endorsement Quotes

I no longer accept books for endorsement quotes. I receive far more than I can read and feel terribly guilty about not getting to them “in time.” Instead, I’m being far more conscientious about posting my recommended reads on Goodreads and BookBub, where I only rate books that I recommend. All of those are purchased books, and I do not accept ARCs or manuscripts for potential reads and recommendations.

Writing Questions

I no longer answer writing questions via e-mail. Below you’ll find a link to other writing resources on my site.

• Writing FAQ

Website Support

For website support (problems with pages, requests for files etc), email my assistant, Alison, at:

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