Contact my assistant Alison for details on any of these events.

April 29 – May 4. Word on the Lake Writer’s Festival. Presenter. Sorrento, BC.

May 27 & 28.  RARE Edinburgh. Multi-author signing. Edinburgh, UK.

In-Person Events

After two years without in-person events, I’ve come to realize it’s time (past time, really) for me to throttle my travel schedule. I have a busy professional schedule (all good!) and a lot of things happening in my personal life (also all good!) and that’s where I want to focus, though I will be tempted out now & again 🙂

Virtual Events

The pandemic has also shown me just how ill-equipped I am for virtual events. Blame my lousy internet connection. You’ll see me doing a few of these, but I keep them few and far between to avoid disappointing organizers with an unstable internet connection.