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Elena Michaels has just been bitten by her boyfriend, werewolf Clay Danvers. As the werewolf curse is slowly taking over her body and mind, she clings to the last shreds of her humanity, scared that her life will never be the same again. As per readers’ request, finally the tale of Elena’s Bite. Becoming covers the darkest part of Elena’s introduction to life as a werewolf, and fills in an important chapter in the Otherworld story.

Please note: Becoming is a graphic novel (full-color, 48 pages plus extras)

Paperback: Becoming is now available as a paperback through Amazon.

SOLD OUT Limited deluxe edition: hardcover, 1000 copy print run, signed by both author and artist, includes 12 new pages of extras (3 page graphic Clayton mini plus 9 illustrated pages from the werewolf Pack Legacy). For the clothbound edition, all author/artist proceeds go to the artist. For the leather-bound, all proceeds (publisher and author/artist) go to charity.

PDF: The PDF edition is the low-cost alternative for those who just want the story. It is not the ideal way to view a graphic novel. The PDF is best viewed either on a desktop/laptop computer or from a handheld device (phone/tablet) that allows zooming. Most dedicated eReaders are not designed to display full-colour graphic novels. Please test the preview from Payhip to ensure the file is a suitable format and quality.

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