Personal Demon
Bantam • Mass Market Paperback • October 2008 • ISBN: 0553588206

Personal Demon

Half-demon tabloid reporter Hope Adams has a secret. Like full demons, she loves chaos. She thrives on it. She needs it.

Most of the time, Hope feeds the hunger by helping the interracial council. But it’s never enough. So when Benicio Cortez offers her a job infiltrating a gang of young supernaturals, she thinks she’s found the perfect solution. Instead, she finds a tinderbox of greed, desire and ambition. And when it ignites, a world is going to explode.


Other Editions
Personal Demon Trade Paperback Canada cover
Trade Paperback
February 2010
Vintage Canada
ISBN: 0307358429
Personal Demon Trade Paperback United Kingdom cover
United Kingdom
Trade Paperback
August 2011
ISBN: 0356500225