The Life She Had
Trade Paperback & eBook • ISBN: 9780385697668 • July 19, 2022

The Life She Had

If someone was threatening your home, how far would you go to protect it?

Celeste Turner has a woman living in her shed. A woman who is definitely not supposed to be there. The local police, however, are ill-inclined to help. Celeste is a newcomer to a region of rural Florida. It doesn”t matter that her family is originally from the area or that she returned to nurse her dying grandmother. All the locals see is a “city girl” who swooped in to secure her inheritance . . . a rundown house in need of extensive repairs. Celeste needs her new life to work, and this woman is a threat to that.

Then she meets her. To her surprise, she finds out that Daisy is polite and friendly; a backpacker who is just making her way through the area. Quickly, Celeste begins an unlikely and beneficial friendship with Daisy–she can’t help herself and, besides, Daisy will be moving on to her next stop soon. Why not take advantage of the extra help?

Both women have secrets they want to keep buried, and when a body is discovered in the glades near Celeste’s house, they must move quickly to prove their innocence and protect the lives they’ve built for themselves.


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