The Serpent’s Fury
Puffin • Hardcover & eBook • June 8, 2021 • ISBN: 0735270155

The Serpent’s Fury

Rowan is Tamarel’s Royal Monster Hunter, and her twin brother, Rhydd, will be its king. After the events of The Gryphon’s Lair, Rowan, along with her friends, her brother and an entourage of monstrous companions, makes her way back to the Dunnian Woods to deal with the pack of dropbears the group trapped in an abandoned cabin after a vicious attack. The dropbears are just one of a number of rare monster species acting erratically in Tamarel.

After a swarm of colocolos nearly tramples the group, Rowan becomes convinced that someone (or something) is driving these monsters out of their natural habitats. But nothing can prepare the Royal Monster Hunter for the truth of the matter: monsters even bigger and deadlier than gryphons have returned to the world, and their nest-building, as well as the actions of the humans trying to drive them out, has upset the balance of nature in Tamarel.

Do Rowan’s “monster magnet” skills work against the most fearsome monsters imaginable? Find out in this exciting third book in the Royal Guide to Monster Slaying series!


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The Serpent’s Fury Hardcover & eBook  Canada cover
Hardcover & eBook
June 2021
Puffin Canada
ISBN: 0735270155
The Serpent’s Fury Trade Paperback & eBook United Kingdom cover
United Kingdom
Trade Paperback & eBook
June 2021
ISBN: 0735270155