Wolf’s Bane
eBook & Trade Paperback • October 2019

Wolf’s Bane

Coming October 2019

Summer camp is a traditional teenage rite of passage, but when you add supernatural powers to the typically high dosage of adolescent hormones – you get an even more combustible mix. Sixteen-year-old werewolf twins Kate and Logan Danvers are none too thrilled at being shipped off to a supernatural youth leadership conference in West Virginia.

From the moment they arrive at the camp, the twins sense something is off and they react in their usual manner – Logan reserving judgement and surveying the setup, while Kate charges forward determined to get answers. Kate and Logan quickly ascertain that most of the conference attendees have already formed hostile factions, leaving the twins and a few other misfits to band together.

What seems like teen hormones in overdrive becomes something much more dangerous, even deadly. Add in a strange magic-warded cabin in the woods and a local history rife with curses and macabre legends, and it becomes clear this was a really, really bad place to build a camp for teenage supernaturals.


Wolf’s Bane began as a serial novel on Radish, released in late 2018. It will be released as an eBook, trade paperback and audio in October 2019.

Wolf’s Bane is the first book in a duology. The sequel, Wolf’s Curse, will be released in eBook, trade paperback and audio in spring 2020.

For those who read the serialized version on Radish, there have been changes. Give me extra time before an “official” release, and it’s a guarantee I’ll look back at the book and see things I can do better. That’s exactly what I’ve done here. No changes to the main plot or characters–I just tightened the beginning, excised a subplot that wasn’t pulling its weight and took the ending farther.