Explore the Books of Kelley Armstrong

Whether you’re brand new to my work or just aren’t sure where to go next, this short quiz might provide a bit of guidance.

Questions about the books? Questions about a series order? Just e-mail us at mail@kelleyarmstrong.com.

Are you in the mood for adult or teen main characters?

Would you like fantasy/supernatural elements in your next read?

What type of fantasy are you looking for?

What type of fantasy elements would you like in your next read?

Are you looking for a standalone novel or a trilogy/series?

Do you prefer a high-action thriller plot or a mystery-focused thriller plot?

That leaves you open to anything, I’ve written, which is great, but let’s narrow it down to help you decide where to start (or what to read next).

What are you in the mood for?

I'd recommend . . .

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