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Current Hot Questions

When does your next book come out?
Bounty Hunt (Otherworld graphic novella) – January 2015.
Forsaken (Otherworld novella) – January 2015.
Empire of Night (Age of Legends 2) – April 2015.
Thor’s Serpents (The Blackwell Pages 3) – May 2015.
Deceptions (Cainsville 3) – August 2015.
Otherworld Secrets – October 2015 (January 2016 in the US)

When are you going to come to my city for an event?
As soon as an event is confirmed, I put it here. My publisher arranges signings and I have no say in where they send me. For other events, I accept a limited number of invitations (to attend conventions, give workshops, speak at libraries.)

Are you writing more adult books now that the Otherworld is over?
My new series (Cainsville) started in 2014. You’ll find more on the first book, Omens, here.

When are you going to write a fourth Darkest Powers book?
While the initial trilogy ended with The Reckoning, the series itself continued with the Darkness Rising trilogy, featuring different teens in the same world, who are subjects of another Edison Group experiment. The two groups joined forces in the last book of the series, The Rising.

So the YA series is finished after The Rising?
That series (Darkest Powers & Darkness Rising) is finished, though I am writing short fiction in it. For novels, I’ve started a new trilogy, Age of Legends. You’ll find more on the first book here: Sea of Shadows.

Is the Otherworld really over?
Thirteen was the final book in the series. I’ve continued writing novellas and short fiction for the series (see the book page for details) It will wrap up with a final novella and anthology in 2016.

Will Elena & Clay’s twins get a book?
I get asked this a lot, especially now that the Otherworld is done. The problem is timing. I won’t “soap opera age” the kids–having them jump from toddlers to teens in one year. They were 5 in Thirteen which took place in 2009, so they’re getting older…but not quite old enough for a book yet.

And for any questions on the Bitten TV series…
Your best source for news would be Space or Syfy. They’ve asked that all questions about the series be directed to them. I play no role in the production, so I can’t answer them!

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