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Origin story for Katiana, an Edison Group subject who also appears in “Kisses from Hell.” First published in Eternal Kiss.

Very short story written as an extra for Frostbitten. It takes place before the book begins, and launched the investigation that eventually led Elena and Clay to Alaska.

Short story originally published in SpectraPulse Magazine.  In Frostbitten, Elena mentions tracking a killer in Winnipeg.  This is that story.

Framed novella
Nick wakes up next to a stranger. Nothing new for Nick…except that this woman’s dead. He’s sure he’s being framed. With the rest of the Pack busy, he’s determined to handle this on his own.

Xavier gets the “From Hell” letter theft job.

Karl Marsten before the events of Bitten.

Eve’s incarceration at the compound.

A Kenneth adventure!

Truth & Consequences
Here I first created the character of Elena. If you’ve read Bitten, you may recognize some aspects of the story, which were briefly recounted there. The events were the impetus (or excuse) for Elena deciding to leave the Pack–a resolve which she must break at the start of Bitten.

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