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Current Hot Questions

When does your next book come out?
Hemlock Island– standalone horror – September 2023
A Castle in the AirA Stitch in Time book 4 – October 2023
The Boy Who Cried BearHaven’s Rock book 2 – Feb 2024
Disturbing the Dead – A Rip Through Time book 3 – May 2024

Is A Rip Through Time a new series?
Yes! Book 3 (The Poisoner’s Ring) will be out in May 2024, and I’ve sold the next books in the series plus a novella.

How many books will be in the Stitch in Time series?
The fourth book–A Castle in the Air–comes out October 31, 2023. That’s as far as I’d planned it, so the series will at least temporarily end there.

How many books will be in the Rockton series?
The Rockton series ends at book 7. However, the main cast continue in a spin-off with a new town, Haven’s Rock. Book 1 (Murder at Haven’s Rock) came out in February 2023.

Will you be continuing in middle-grade after A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying?
Not right now. My schedule is full, so I’ll wait until I have an idea I can’t resist.

Any chance of more Nadia?
Ah, the Nadia books. I’m terribly fond of them, despite the fact they never matched the sales of my other series. They do have their loyal readership, though, so I have written two novellas for Nadia and Jack (Double Play and Perfect Victim.)

When are you going to write a fourth Darkest Powers book?
While the initial trilogy ended with The Reckoning, the series itself continued with the Darkness Rising trilogy, featuring different teens in the same world, who are subjects of another Edison Group experiment. The two groups joined forces in the last book of the series, The Rising.

So the YA series is finished after The Rising?
That series (Darkest Powers & Darkness Rising) is finished at 6 novels and assorted short fiction, including Atoning, set after the trilogies ended. For novels, the Age of Legends started with Sea of Shadows, and wrapped up in 2016. Next I’m doing 3 standalone YA thrillers, beginning with The Masked Truth.

Is the Cainsville series complete?
Book 5 (Rituals) wrapped everything up nicely…for now! There are also three novellas (Lost Souls, Rough Justice and Cruel Fate.)

Is the Otherworld really over?
Thirteen was the final book in the series. The novellas and short fiction wrapped up with a final novella (Driven) in 2016.

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