Free Online Fiction
Back in the old, quieter days, I did an “annual online fiction offering”–a free serialized novella or short story collection. Some of them are still here.

Below you’ll find some old Otherworld extras. Warning: they may not be entirely up to date. The series is over and my memory isn’t good enough to fix omissions, but readers have asked me to keep these available.

Demonology 101
A basic guide to the demon-world, as presented in the Otherworld series.

Otherworld Character list
If you haven’t read the whole series, this will contain spoilers!

Otherworld  mini-guide
Huge thanks to reader Wendy Wing for this. It’s a list of the books and stories (including Darkest Powers and Darkness Rising, which are set in the Otherworld universe.) It includes characters lists for the adult series as well as genealogy charts for the major families.

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