eBook • November 2014


Contains two holiday short stories, one Otherworld Pack and one Cainsville.

Gabriel’s Gargoyles – (Cainsville short story, Gabriel Walsh as 10-year-old narrator.)  Cainsville was where a boy could walk the streets safely at any time, day or night. Where everyone was genuinely glad to see you and didn’t think you were odd if you wanted to keep to yourself. Because Cainsville was odd, too. For one thing, there are the gargoyles. Unlike the others, Gabriel doesn’t believe the carven creatures came to life to protect the town. It’s up to a boy to protect himself. Now he’s determined to find the last hidden gargoyle by Winter Solstice. He’s also determined to get the perfect gift for his great-aunt Rose. And when Gabriel Walsh sets goals, he achieves them…one way or another.

The Puppy Plan (Otherworld novella, 9-year-old Logan Danvers as narrator.) When Logan finds a puppy abandoned by the roadside a few days before Christmas, he knows it’s a sign. His sister Kate wants a dog more than anything. Their parents aren’t completely opposed to the idea. It’s just a bad time. A really bad time. Maybe next year. But now there’s this puppy in need of a home and a girl in need of a pet… So how does a boy who always plays by the rules give his sister what she wants most?

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