Paperback & eBook • August 2018 • ISBN: 1989046037


A Collection of Cainsville Tales

Cainsville, Illinois. A town founded by fae escaping the Old World. A town both part of the world and cut off from it. A town that a young woman will run to, fleeing her past, only to discover that her past extends further than she ever imagined, into the distant history of Cainsville itself.

Collected in this volume are the stories of the town’s past, of the people and the fae she will eventually meet.

A child tormented by visions of fae castles and fierce dragons.

A hobgoblin who tries in vain to avoid his role in an ancient prophecy.

A boy, the product of that prophecy, who wants only a Solstice gift for his aunt.

A writer who discovers all publicity is not really good publicity after all.

An orange cat who won’t quite stay dead.

Another cat with more than his nine lives, one continually reborn to right an ancient wrong.

And, finally, a story of Olivia herself, the young woman who ran there, now running away, searching for something she can’t quite find.


Collection Contents:
1) The Screams of Dragons
2) Devil May Care
3) Gabriel’s Gargoyles
4) Bad Publicity
5) The Orange Cat
6) Matagot – brand-new for this collection
7) The Lady of the Lake

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